Wyatt Horsley was born and raised in Susanville, CA. Growing up I always had an interest in technology and spent many hours in the computer lab. At the age of 12 I got my first entry grade DSLR camera and began experimenting and developing my photography skills, techniques and editing abilities. This eventually led into an interest of graphics design.


Throughout high school, I took several graphics design classes which allowed me to become more advanced. In my senior year, I took three  periods of advanced graphics design. During this time I was developing and designing multiple graphics design assets for various school groups, clubs, sports teams and organizations. 

Recenlty, I have began designing websites for various businesses, organizations and individuals. Those designs can be seen here.

With the need for tightening security in the modern age, security surveillance systems have also become a necessity for homes and businesses. Contact us today and see what solutions we have for your surveillance needs.

WH Consulting & Design is your go-to for IT Consuting, Graphics Design, Advertising and Surveillance.

Wyatt Horsley - WH Consulting & Design
Wyatt Horsley